How to Understand Music Theory for Novices

When you are starting out on your own journey to learn to play a guitar, it is very essential that you understand, how to understand music theory for novices. This will help you in a number of different ways. Many people that are thinking about learning music are often interested either in learning how you […]

Triple Bunk Bedrooms for Kids’ rooms

Many of us who was raised in the “old days” possess very fond reminiscences of life in children’s bunk beds. Whether you discussed your room together with your brother or sibling or first skilled a bunk mattress away at camp or inside a dorm, they are a distinctive bedding solution that is something of an […]

Sports Futsal article

Futsal was first played in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1930, by Juan Carlos Ceriani. The first international match was held in 1965, Paraguay won the first South American Cup. Six South American Cup next seizure held until 1979, and all the carpet champion Brazil. Brazil continue its dominance by winning the Pan American Cup in 1980 […]

Musical instruments based on sound sources

  diofon, is a musical instrument that is the source of the sound coming from the base ingredients. Example: kolintang, drums, bongo, kabasa, angklung Aerofon, is a musical instrument that is the source of the sound coming from the air blowing in the cavity. Example: flute, trumpet, harmonica, trombone. Chordofon, is a musical instrument that […]

History of Sunan Ampel Mosque

Glance friend, when to Surabaya, stop at the Tomb complex and Sunan Ampel Mosque. The place is a lot to save the history of Islam in Java. Many interesting stories here. Among these stories about ┬áMbah Salah, student Sunan Ampel. Salah Mbah story is closely related to the nine graves on the east side of […]

Performing Arts Music

  Performing art of music is physically disclosure on musical expression. Typically, each performing musical arts will be prepared with a structured and planned. However, often times each show begins, plans can change. Because a show can be improvised. Musicians will sometimes add improvisation to make the show unique and interesting.   3.1. Cultural Performing […]

The Definition of International Music

International music is defined as an over-all classification time period regarding world-wide tunes, as an example people audio, traditional songs and and so forth. This kind of music can often be made and played by proficient as well as native artists and often share the identical connection with their particular location of origin. This specific […]